Indigo | Origins - Bali, Indonesia

Take a look behind the scenes and you’ll see that the Origin T-shirt and Pinay Warrior Bandana are a result of a mindful process. Using organic cotton and loom-woven fabric respectively, the dyeing process begins at one of the few sustainable traditional dye houses in Indonesia. Dyeing to drying takes at least one week with the use of organic botanical dye from plants native to the island of Bali. Harvested from their local indigo plantation, the leaves of the trees are hand-stripped (the roots are left to maintain the life of the plant), shredded and boiled down for 6 hours to extract the rich indigo dye.  Uncut fabric is dipped at least eight times to achieve the deep blue colour....

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WELL WORN | WORN WELL Release - Melbourne, Australia

Well Worn | Worn Well is an introduction to the core of Home Pacifico. Building a foundation focusing on durability over trend, WW|WW is function and style inspired by the rebellious spirit of women who live outside of convention. Field tested organic cotton and quality construction for all seasons.

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